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  • Beatles classic movie Yellow Submarine will be re-launched on YouTube

    Beatles classic movie “Yellow Submarine” will be re-launched on YouTube
    According to foreign media reports, the classic film “Yellow Submarine” of the British legendary rock band The Beatles will be re-run on YouTube’s official channel at 0:00 on April 26, Beijing time.”Yellow Submarine” is the Beatles’ “Hard Night” and “Help!””The fourth film after” Magic Journey “is a fantasy animated film with the theme of the Beatles series songs in 1968.The movie was welcomed by ordinary audiences and critics. Initially, members of the Beatles had dubbed their roles in the film, but later the work was left to others, and their real people only appeared at the end of the movie.With the release of the movie, in 1969, “Yellow Submarine” also released the original soundtrack of the film, including “Yellow Submarine”, “What You Need Is Love”, “Hey Bulldog” and other songs.In 1970, this album won the Grammy Award for “Best Film and Television Media Soundtrack Album”.In addition to the upcoming replay of “Yellow Submarine”, it is even more exciting that this year there will be a new Beatles album “The Beatles: Get Back “, more than 50 hours of video recording during the production of the film information album” Let It Be “, a small part of which appeared in the” Let It Be “record in 1970, but most of the material has never been released.In a recent interview with the media, Paul McCartney said: “I have heard a lot about John Lennon and I are rivals and do not like each other.But after watching this film, you will feel like ‘Thank God, this is not true’.We really get along very well, you can see that we respect each other and write music together.I’m very happy to see the past reappear.”It is reported that” The Beatles: Come Back “was released by Disney Pictures. It was originally scheduled to be released on September 4th, but due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the release mode may be adjusted.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Tian Ai Ni proofreading Lu Qian