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  • 2015 National Youth Campus Football Championship Cup officially launched

    2015 National Youth Campus Football Championship Cup officially launched
    On the afternoon of May 21st, Chang Baitong’s 2015 National Youth Campus Football Championship Cup press conference was held at the Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center, Yin Junhai, deputy director of the Department of Physical Education, Health and Art Education of the Ministry of Education, and Huang Meirong, deputy inspector of the Youth Division of the State Sports General Administration.Lin Xiaohua, deputy director of the Football Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sport, vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association, Bi Donghai, deputy director of the National Olympic Sports Center of the General Administration of Sport, Zeng Yiliang, chairman and general manager of the sponsor Hunan Ecoyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and other related leaders, guests and championsThe cup ambassador Hao Haidong attended the press conference.The conference was chaired by Comrade Wang Wenyi, secretary general of the Champions League Group Committee.The press conference 2015 championship cup preliminaries set a total of 6 sub-regions, of which 4 men’s regions are: Shandong Dongying in the eastern region, Chongqing in the western region, Changsha in Hunan in the southern region, Baotou in the northern region; 2 women’s regions,Jiangxi Nanchang in the east, Xining in Qinghai in the west.The final will be held at the Beijing National Olympic Sports Center in late July. A total of 2304 athletes and coaches will participate in 344 games this year.  The press conference introduced the four characteristics of this year’s Champions Cup, and made the following adjustments in the competition system: 1. Changes in the grouping situation.In the previous competition, we only had competitions for the junior high school and the elementary school boys. This year, according to the requirements of the National School Football Office, the competition for the elementary school girls was added.  2. Changes in team formation.The previous game was based on the school. This year’s primary school men’s team took campus football as the city unit. The junior high school group and the women’s group registered with the province, city and autonomous region as the units.  3. The game system has been adjusted.The junior middle school game was adjusted from the original 8-player system to 11-player system.  4. The competition venue is planned.According to the characteristics of campus football, more than 80% of the games in 2015 are arranged in schools, which is conducive to the popularization of campus football.  Under the guidance and assistance of the Chinese Football Association, the event was hosted by the National Youth Campus Football Work Leading Group Office and undertaken by the National Olympic Sports Center; this year’s Champions Cup Changsha Opening was won by Hunan Radio and TV Station, Changsha City Education Bureau and Yuhua District PeopleThe government’s vigorous assistance and support, and undertaken the specific undertaking work of the division.From 8 provinces (regions) in Hunan, Hubei, and Guangdong, 24 primary and secondary school football teams from 16 cities will participate in the Champions League Changsha Division (opening) match from May 20 to 25.  It is worth mentioning that, after the reorganization of the National Campus Football Work Leading Group, the Champions Cup has become a selective event for campus football and has become a national youth campus football competition sequence.The Champions Cup has fundamentally changed from the past in the form of competition. In the past, the Champions Cup will provide a platform for the selected talents to replace the professional youth training system.  In order to add cultural elements to the Champions Cup and allow more children to participate in the game in person, the organizing committee used the official website of the Champions Cup to conduct essay writing and painting activities on the theme of campus football and the Champions Cup during the game, allowing students and parentsAs a small campus reporter, he reports on a series of events related to campus football from his own perspective.  In addition, the two qualifiers for the junior high school group and the primary school group jointly organized by CCTV, the Ministry of Education, and the State Sports General Administration were also generated in this championship division.  At the press conference, the young players showed the equipment of this game, and at the same time showed the health and vitality through the fancy ball show, the event image ambassador Hao Haidong took the initiative to interact with the children.