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  • Cristiano Ronaldo was accused of secretly cheating and lying with his girlfriend Elena crying at the airport after breaking up (Picture)_1

    Cristiano Ronaldo was accused of secretly cheating and lying to his girlfriend Elena after crying (Figure)
    Why did Ronaldo and model girlfriend Elena break up? The truth seems to be falling out. In an interview with the media earlier this week in New York, Elena seemed to point out when asked about her boyfriend: I like honest men.The man I like must remain loyal to his woman.No one to accompany this Valentine’s Day?It’s nothing. Look at Gao Fushuai, Cristiano Ronaldo is also the same. Elena implied that Cristiano Ronaldo’s infidelity led to the final breakup of the two. Although she didn’t say so, the interview of Jelena’s friends in the British magazine “Hello” confirmed this.Kind of saying.The friend of Elena said that the Russian supermodel actually sacrificed a lot for Cristiano Ronaldo. First of all, she and Cristiano Ronaldo had a long relationship, and at the same time there was a son Ronaldo Jr. who had an unknown origin from outside, so she accepted andTrying to maintain a close relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo’s family, and she always maintains 100% support for Cristiano Ronaldo in the outfield, and does not use the fame to earn one cent more for herself.  Jelena strives to win the respect of Ronaldo’s family. She goes on holiday with them and rarely mentions her private life with Ronaldo, nor will she use Ronaldo’s reputation to make profits for herself.Elena’s friend also denied that she had an affair with Hollywood star Boulder Johnson, so Cristiano Ronaldo’s jealous statement that Jelena was very careful in handling personal relationships, there was nothing between her and Boulder Johnson.In 2012, Ronaldo and his girlfriend Elena showed their love for Elena at the Madrid Masters. The meaning of Ronaldo having such a good girlfriend was not cherished, even stealing outside and lying to her girlfriend afterwards.At the end, Elena couldn’t bear it and finally chose to leave.The decision to leave was made during Christmas last year. Jelena discovered what happened. Then at New Year’s Eve at Cristiano Ronaldo’s home, Jelena finally made an official decision to break up with Cristiano Ronaldo.  At the time, Elena was so scared that her entire person was almost destroyed.Elena’s friend said that it can be said that breaking up was not a rash decision she made.After the decision was made, New Year’s Eve was spent alone at the airport and kept crying, and then she flew to Maldives for another birthday.  All the time, Elena listened to Ronaldo’s, and then it was different.After much deliberation, she felt that she could not do this again.After breaking up, she quickly unfollowed Ronaldo on Twitter and uploaded photos of her vacation in the Maldives, which meant to show the world that she had no relationship with Ronaldo.Later, the media discovered this, and on January 12th, when Ronaldo attended the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony, there was no Elena to accompany him, which increased people’s doubts.Soon, Cristiano Ronaldo issued a statement through the Associated Press, confirming that the two’s emotional path came to an end.(NAKA)